Investor Relations 360°

InnerValue provides services using all available communication tools. Agency client receives comprehensive support in the framework of the responsibilities and best practices in the capital market.

Communication with investors

We are in constant contact with Polish and foreign financial institutions. We are effective in targeting individual investors. Developed relationships help us achieve the objectives of our customers.

Relations with media

A significant part of our team has years of experience in the financial media. Knowledge of the functioning of the editorial office helps us give a value to events and materials, so that they target the needs and expectations of journalists.

Support for IPOs and transactions

We have conducted dozens of communication campaigns for companies on their way to the WSE and NewConnect. We supported both small and billion-worth transactions of companies from many industries - from energy to innovative biotechnology.

Organization of events

We conducted a total of over 200 different kinds of conferences, seminars, visits at the premises of companies or individual investor days. The acquired experience allows us to choose the best time and place of the event, so as to ensure the attendance and appropriate setting.

Websites and IR services

We co-created dozens of websites in line with current trends and meeting all the standards in the field of information obligations and good practices.

The use of innovative channels to reach the client

We follow the trends. We know where investors look for information and focus their attention. Using modern technology, we create tools to ensure effective communication on the Internet.

Analysis of the image

Extensive contacts with investors from Polish and abroad allow us to accurately formulate and address questions, so that the conclusions drawn on the basis of the research could form the basis for the development of a proper information policy of the company.

Advising on disclosure obligations

We can find the right balance between the law, the interests of the company and the expectations of investors.

Elaboration of documents

We prepared hundreds of materials, which increased the efficiency of mutual communication of investors and our customers.

Specialist printing

We printed hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, providing the highest quality materials while maintaining full confidentiality until their official publication.


Keep the track of the channels through which information goes to the public: Internet, newspapers, radio, television and materials distributed by brokerage houses.

Professional translations

We translate among others periodic reports of WIG20 companies. We know how to keep a reliable translation of the specific nature of the financial language.

About us

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We are a leading investor relations agency in Poland. We offer comprehensive services in the field of communication with investors and the media.
During nine years of activity we have completed projects for dozens of clients and worked with the largest public offerings in the region.
Our team consists of over twenty consultants and a large group of regular contributors, stemming from the largest media and financial institutions.

Case studies

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Trans Polonia – nearly PLN 50 mln for further expansion of the biggest tanker truck fleet in Poland

Our relationship begun at a breakthrough moment in the thirteen-year history of Trans Polonia (TPG) - the company has just acquired Orlen Transport, becoming the domestic leader in the logistics shipments of vehicle and aviation fuel, as well as LNG. This exponential increase in the scale of operations has prompted TPG to open up to institutional investors - a visible boost in the level of interest and improved sentiment have convinced TPG to reach for another milestone - an investment program for the years 2018-2020, to be financed largely via a secondary public offering. InnerValue has assisted the company in that process, which concluded successfully with the raising of PLN 49.3 mln in new equity.


Opinions about us

Roman Szyszko
Vice President and Financial Director of ENERGA SA
We recommend InnerCorp as a business partner and a professional communication consulting company
Beata Korzeniewska
Director of the PR Office of the Group NEUCA
I assess the collaboration with the agency very positively, both in terms of its substantive quality, as well as involvement in projects
Marcin Dudek
Director of the Department of the Treasury of BANK POCZTOWY SA
InnerValue is characterized by great freedom of networking and the ability to work in project teams combining many areas of the capital market