Labo Print SA

Labo Print is a European supplier of digital printing on a wide variety of substrates, including vinyl nets, banners, transparencies, flat materials, for example plexiglas, PVC, aluminum and cardboard, and various kinds of fabrics.

Labo Print also offers a variety of ready-made products in the field of advertising technology systems made with prints suitable for these systems, including beach flags, display media (roll-up, framework systems for polyesters presentation, walls, etc.). Customers also have the opportunity to benefit from the full range of finishing services and to purchase accessories and products for offered printed materials.

Labo Print specializes in printing based on inkjet technology (inkjet printing). The company regularly updates and expands its machines, relying solely on the newest technologies, which it often buys as the first entity in Poland. Thanks to it, it offers a wide range of high-quality printing in technologies of solvent printing, UV, thermosublimation printing and organic latex printing.

Labo Print reaches entities located in Poland and in several markets in Western Europe. The share of exports, mainly to EU countries, exceeds 80%. Among the clients there are advertising agencies, as well as several major players from other industries.
Since 2013, that is since the transformation of the previous form in the joint-stock company, Labo Print systematically increases revenues and financial results.