“PREFABET - BIAŁE BŁOTA” SA is a brand with more than one century old tradition and the oldest precast factory in Poland. It has operated in the market continuously since 1897.
For generations, we produce components and build buildings for thousands of families and hundreds of industrial companies. For years we add a little bit to the development of the surrounding reality.

The latest era in the history of PREFABET began in 1996, when the company became a joint stock company. Today, we look confidently to the future and introduce further innovations designed to sustain a continuous improvement of the quality of our offer, the reputation of the brand and competitiveness of our products on the market.

The reputation our company enjoys and our knowledge of the market effectively enables us to create patterns of functioning in investor and trade relations. With years of experience we try to create and maintain the highest operating standards. Thanks to such as approach to the business, we received numerous awards.