HubStyle SA

HubStyle Group is a modern and innovative company of the XXI century. We are a dynamic company that every year records an increase in market share, thereby creating more and better prospects for our shareholders. HubStyle focuses on high-growth areas of e-commerce: building a strong portfolio of own lifestyle brands and maintaining a web-based platform for communication between buyers and sellers. Our team consists exclusively of professionals who strive to maintain the position of HubStyle as a market leader and to continue its development.

Sugarfree is a brand that offers fashionable dresses that are designed and sewn in Poland. Our collection includes both dresses for special occasions and every day. We try to respond quickly to changing trends and frequently update the offer to deliver to our Customers the most fashionable styles and patterns of the season. We put very strong emphasis on quick and professional customer service, so that we gain a lot of positive feedback about the operation of our online store.

The brand Cardio Bunny was created for young women who actively spend their free time. Mark meets the requirements of the fashion of being fit and healthy, offering to its clients the sport clothes that can be worn also outside the gym. The advantage of Cardio Bunny over other brands is the offer of women's fashionable clothing to the gym.

At the core of the brand Emente there is the opposition to the nondescript garments that are produced in thousands in the Far East and look good only until the first wash. Emente means collections created by women, to meet the needs of other women who share similar values. The offered assortment is unique in terms of quality and care for each client. Clothes are sewn from the highest quality of fabrics in Poland, maintaining the traditional sewing techniques.

Kragelman is the first brand in the HubStyle portfolio addressed to modern men, increasingly busy, active and caring about their appearance. Shirts with different styles are adapted to current fashion trends and yet they are comfortable. They combine urban elegance with naturalness. Kragelman brand name originated from the word kragel, that is collar.

Wiktor Dymecki
member of the Board of HubStyle SA
The team proposes activities in line with trends in the capital market and the communication is tailored to the requirements of different customer groups.