Group Enea is the vice-champion of the Polish electricity market in the field of electricity production. Enea manages the full value chain in the electricity market: from fuel, through electricity, distribution, sales and customer service. The company is responsible for secure energy supplies to 2.5 million customers.                                               

The Enea Operator has a distribution network in north-western Poland (about 1/5 of the country). The Group employs around 15,700 workers in Poland, who create an innovative raw material and energy group. There are two important power plants in the Group Enea: power station "Kozienice" and power station "Połaniec".                  

The Group also operates "Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka" - the mine is the main supplier of raw materials to the Group's power plants.
The Group's Enea activities also include thermal energy at its plants in Białystok, Oborniki and Piła.