DRAGO entertainment

DRAGO entertainment, was founded in 1998 in Krakow. During the first years of its activity, the company focused on creating innovative projects commissioned, most of which were financed by international game publishers. During this time, the DRAGO entertainment team produced and published well-known bestsellers such as Oil Tycoon 2, Cold Zero: The Last Stand and Vulture. The company strengthened the competences of the team and built a professional team and developed its own titles. In 2018, DRAGO enterainment welcomed on board the legend of the Polish community of game developers, as well as professionals in finance and management: Alekse Uchański, Maciej Miąsik, Jakub Trzebiński and Mateusz Wcześniak. At that time, the company decided to adopt a new strategy and focus on the production of its own games. In this way, in December 2018, the company's game - Treasure Hunter - debuted on the global market. The publisher of the title is Movie Games listed on the NewConnect. The production costs were returned in the first day after the game's release.