Movie Games SA

Movie Games SA is a Polish gaming company founded in 2016 by Mateusz Wcześniak, a game fan with experience in the financial sector. The development of the company is supported by Alexy Uchański, who has been involved in the computer games industry and the media for almost three decades, and Maciej Miąsik, the legend of Polish gaming, a developer with 27 years of experience. Currently, the company employs several dozen people who work on more than ten productions. Development teams operate in offices in the Mazowieckie, Wielkopolskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Małopolskie and Śląsk provinces. From the beginning of Movie Games, the company's main goal is to create diverse titles tailored to the needs of the global market. In line with this idea, internal teams are consistently expanded to meet their assumptions and implement up to ten productions a year