Vile Monarch  SA

Vile Monarch is a gaming studio, created in mid-2015 in Warsaw. It was founded by two creators - Grzegorz Mazur and Kacper Kwiatkowski, who previously gained their experience in the company 11bit Studios on the project This War of Mine. Later, the band expanded to include more creators and developers, previously practicing in CD Projekt, Techland or CreativeForge Games - currently 25 people.

The company's specialty is its own designs characterized by unique gameplay and often a sense of humor. The studio boldly reaches for different graphic styles in its productions, thanks to which each game looks different. The biggest success of the company are games from the Oh ... Sir series! that is Oh ... Sir! The Insult Simulator and Oh ... Sir! The Hollywood Roast. Total sales from all platforms exceeded 0.7 million copies, and movies from the game were watched a lot more than 20 million times. Currently, the largest production of the studio is Weedcraft Inc - a business simulator with complex problems of marijuana in the USA.