Śląskie Kamienice SA

Śląskie Kamienice S.A. is an entity whose operational activity consists in investing on the real estate market (in particular in old tenement houses) in the province of Silesia through:

1. purchase of real estate,
2. renovation or modernization of the property,
3. sale of a tenement house or separate premises,
4. rental of separate premises in the tenement house.

As an additional activity complementing the core business, the company provides the following services:

1. renting rooms in guesthouses, the sole owner of which is Fulinowo Sp. z o.o. - a subsidiary of Śląskie Kamienice - located in Kuźnica (Półwysep Helski) and in Grzybów (near Kołobrzeg),
2. comprehensive service for renting premises purchased by clients under the so-called Investor's representation services, including consultancy in the field of renting and servicing the real estate market.
3. Śląska Prohibicja Sp. z o.o. based in Katowice. The object of activity of Śląska Prohibicja Sp. z o.o., complementing the basic activity of Śląskie Kamienice, is running a restaurant and providing comprehensive services in the organization of special events, musical or cultural events.
4. Hornigold S.A. based in Katowice. The business of Hornigold SA, which supplements the Issuer's core business, is the short-term rental of apartments in tenements owned by the company.

Śląskie Kamienice have been listed on the NewConnect market since September 2017.