InteliWISE develops and implements innovative software based on patented natural language analysis methods and artificial intelligence. The company's implementation, including Virtual Consultant, Live Chat, Help Desk products are based on artificial intelligence algorithms including NLP (natural language analysis), dynamic image animation and multi-lingual speech synthesis. They help you increase sales, build positive customer relationships, and reduce your operating costs. As the only Polish company in the TOP10 global provider of "Virtual Agent" technology, according to the leading independent analytical firm Forrester Research.

Experience in nearly 200 projects for the largest companies and organizations, including the Fortune 500 in the United States, enables us, as a small Polish company, to compete with e-commerce, banking and e-GOV smart solutions. Hundreds of customers in Poland and around the world, particularly in the United States, have experienced reduced service costs, increased sales, or business process optimization with the InteliWISE solutions.