Tech Invest Group SA

Company listed on NewConnect conducts investment activity through recapitalization, primarily non-public, entities operating in various segments of Business, in conjunction with the operational support their development.

The basis of the TIG's investment policy is to search prospective companies, especially in segment of new technologies which will be supported by TIG and cooperating with TIG consultants. Among the many investment portfolio Tech Invest Group can be distinguished:

- Developer of games for mobile devices T-Bull,
- The owner of the technology and applications Tap2C operating in the field of augmented reality,
- Farm Innovations, which provides innovative tools to farmers supervision of dairy cattle farming,
- SatRevolutions, which was the first Polish company will specialize in the development and mass production of artificial satellites for international space agencies and other entities,
- WDB HealthCare offering unique on the Polish market, international health insurance,
- E-Portal, which is the operator of an E-portal24 supporting comprehensive real estate management.