GLG Pharma SA

GLG Pharma SA is a publicly traded company listed on the NewConnect Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company holds the worldwide license to develop and market pharmaceuticals derived from STAT3 inhibitor technology developed by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. STAT3 inhibitors are considered one of the most promising new approaches to treating many cancers and other hyperproliferative diseases.

GLC Pharma has started clinical trials for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Clinical trials for triple negative breast cancer and polycystic kidney disease are planned to begin in 2016. Initial clinical trials have indicated that GLG Pharma STAT3 inhibitors are very well tolerated and safe.

There are six additional products in the GLG Pharma pipeline.
GLG Pharma’s technology is protected by 6 U.S. and international patents and 2 patents pending.