Mercator Medical SA

Mercator Medical Group is a leader in Poland and one of the key players in Central and Eastern Europe in the market of disposable medical gloves.

Mercator Medical has a production plant in Thailand with a capacity of about 110 million gloves per month, it operates globally in more than 50 countries, offering approx. 120 own products and the products of leading international brand. Mercator Medical products reach all continents, including in particular the countries of North America, as well as the countries where demand for disposable protection materials increases rapidly with increasing attention to health and safety (eg South America, Asia, the Middle East countries).

Mercator Medical offer is complemented by medical dressings and protection products with non-woven fabric, such as disposable medical clothing and surgical drape sheets. Clients of Mercator Medical include healthcare, industrial units, retail chains and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

The group consists of the parent company Mercator Medical SA and subsidiaries. The Issuer coordinates and oversees the operations of the subsidiaries, which are the center where decisions are made concerning the creation and implementation of development strategies.